For HealthLink Family Practice Patients Only

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The following links are for patients of HealthLink Family Practice only.

This includes patients of:

  • Dr. Nicole Carpe (formerly patients of Dr. Kate Morgan),
  • Dr. Alison Delorme,
  • Dr. Jay Geddes,
  • Dr. Mekalai Kumanan,
  • Dr. Sana Mashhadi,
  • Dr. Sarah Pengelly,
  • Dr. Raj Shah and
  • Dr. Andrew Smith.


New Process for Prescription Renewals

Outside of Ontario?

Please be advised that the HealthLink Family Practice Physicians cannot be expected to provide virtual care, including video, telephone, and email, to patients when they are outside of Ontario.

Rather than reaching out to our clinic, please ensure you seek medical care locally for health concerns when you are outside of Ontario. This might even include going to the nearest emergency department in the foreign  country or province you are in.

Please do not book telephone visits if you know you will be outside of Ontario at the time of your visit.

Thank you for your understanding and attention to this.

Book a Physician Appointment

Fee Schedule for Un-Insured Services not covered by OHIP

Complete Online Patient Forms

Note, any forms you complete will be reviewed at your next appointment.  If your issue needs immediate attention, please call the office to determine if you need immediate care.

To complete an online form you will select either “New Patient” if you just joined or “Existing Patient”.  Then select the appropriate form(s) to complete.

Please note that you will need the Health Card Number of the person for whom the form is being completed for.

Submit Pictures and/or documents

If you have been asked to submit a picture or document, please click on this link.

Please note that you will need the Health Card Number of the person for whom the picture and/or document is being submitted for.